Little Unicorns (ages 7-11) by Rainbow Community Center


Join us for LGBTQIA+ Affirming programs for our young unicorns, 11 and under! We will be offering these throughout the year for our younger youth! These events will be youth only--we'll have family events spread throughout the year as well!

10/12/22: Halloween Movie + Crafts

11/9/22: Screening of COCO + Adding Crafts to Día de los Muertos Altar

12/21/22 :Holiday Party

2/8/23: You Are So Loved Day! + Crafts

4/26/22: Little Unicorns Buddy up Youth 12-25 for artistic expression!

5/24/23: Mental Health Awareness For Kiddos

6/14/23: Pride Crafts

6/28/23: TBD

We're asking for $15 for each event, and if you would like a fee waiver please fill out this form before registering. After filling out the form you will receive a promo code to enter at check out.